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Respect for the land, people and culture.


The goal of Sasuchan Environmental is to leverage our combined multidisciplinary skillsets and extensive local experience to provide our clients with the best services and products to meet their needs. We utilize and incorporate Western Science into Traditional Environmental Knowledge to achieve our goals.

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About Us


Sasuchan Development Corporation, the economic arm of the Takla Nation, and EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc have established a limited partnership, Sasuchan Environmental LP. This partnership was established to combine our complimentary skill sets and form a multidisciplinary team focused on building a profitable and sustainable business that provides excellent service and value for our clients.

Takla Nation members and EDI staff have worked collaboratively together on numerous fisheries, watershed management, and mining initiatives and projects for over 25 years. The goal of Sasuchan Environmental LP is to leverage our combined multidisciplinary skillsets and extensive local experience to provide our clients with the best services and products to meet their needs.

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Founded in Prince George in 1994, EDI is a company of professional, experienced terrestrial and aquatic scientists that assess and manage environmental risks for clients throughout western and northern Canada. EDI has over 100 full time staff with offices in Prince George, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Victoria, Grande Prairie, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Whitehorse. As a company, we provide environmental and natural resource consulting services specializing in the mining, forestry, energy (oil and gas, electricity) and transportation sectors. EDI services include fisheries and wildlife management and research, environmental impact assessment and mitigation, Indigenous and stakeholder engagement, land-use planning, habitat restoration, construction environmental management and monitoring, and regulatory permitting.


EDI has a vast amount of experience working within the Takla Nation traditional territory, having conducted many environmental projects for clients in forestry, mining, oil and gas and government (e.g., Fisheries and Oceans Canada Research Branch, BC Ministry of Energy and Mines). From 1995 until 2001, EDI completed thousands of fish and fish habitat and stream classification assessments and many environmental permitting and stream-crossing fish passage projects within the territory. EDI has also teamed directly with the Takla Nation on a consistent basis since 2005, assisting primarily with fisheries research, water quality and mining projects.


Sasuchan Development Corporation provides resources to the Takla Nation to develop the programs Takla Nation members need to be healthy, prosperous, and connected to Takla culture. The purpose of Sasuchan is to create economic wealth, inspiring careers, sustainable employment and business opportunities for the Takla Nation and conduct all operations in a manner that respects the land, the people and the culture. Sasuchan will leverage the Takla Nation’s rights to build a diversity of profitable and sustainable businesses both within and outside the traditional territory. 


Building on the experience of many Takla Nation members and staff, Sasuchan will provide environmental technicians, environmental planners and reclamation/remediation experts to Sasuchan Environmental. These technicians and professionals have experience working in the mining, forestry, energy, construction and fisheries management/research sectors.

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